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Who We Are

Montana Anesthesia Services is managed by an anesthesiologist with over twenty years of experience in clinical and administrative leadership. Our comprehensive approach to anesthesia services is geared towards enhancing all the facets of anesthesia care, from partnering with dedicated surgeons, anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and nurses, to sustaining a responsive and seasoned administrative team. 

What we do

Our Anesthesia Practitioners

Montana Anesthesia Services takes pride in its team of board-certified anesthesiologists and CRNAs, all of whom are highly qualified and experienced. We are committed to ensuring patient satisfaction by fostering open communication and providing compassionate care. We prioritize establishing strong relationships with the surgeons and staff at each of our client facilities and strive to maintain continuity of care.

Clinical Operations

At Montana Anesthesia Services, we have extensive experience in supply chain management of anesthesia equipment and medications, which we offer to office-based practices. Our certified anesthesia technicians are highly skilled in maintaining appropriate inventory levels, ensuring that all equipment is fully functional, and maintaining compliance with regulations. Additionally, we possess comprehensive knowledge of federal and state laws and guidelines, as well as accrediting body requirements.

Our Billing Team

Our anesthesia services group has an in-house billing team that is well-versed in compliance, innovative medical technology, software, and EMR integration. Our team is focused on enhancing patient satisfaction by being efficient, detail-oriented, and highly responsive to patient inquiries. We strive to manage anesthesia billing in a patient-friendly and compliant manner, providing sustainable anesthesia care.

Continuous Improvement

We rely on evidence-based best practices to formulate our protocols. Our anesthesia services group is committed to staying abreast of the latest research, medical technology, and healthcare policy innovations, which enable us to deliver exceptional anesthesia care to our patients. Furthermore, we continuously refine our approach through incorporating feedback from our clients as part of our ongoing process to improve and refine our perioperative care.

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